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Simplifying technology for people is something we love to do. Sometimes there are some funny ways to look at technology and we enjoy sharing them here. If you find them humorous, or can relate, have fun re-pinning! Enjoy, Guru and the More Than Just Guides team.
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This is deep!!

Funny pictures about Text Puns. Oh, and cool pics about Text Puns. Also, Text Puns photos.

A lot changes in two years!

Cloud Computers and Googly Docs "you kids today., with your 'cloud computers' and your 'googly docs'. In my day, we attached files to our emails. and we liked it that way ." "Dave, you're like two years older than me.

The top picture needs a truckload more items to be accurate!!

Morning coffee (39 photos)

20 years later and all of these things fit in your pocket. 20 years later and all of these things fit in your pocket.

You better hope your partner doesn't feel this way!

Now isn't this the sad truth!--Thankfully this isn't my husband.but it's true of other people in my life. Guess I'm just old school and think it's disrepectful not to give someone your full attention when they are talking to you.

Chuck's Gmail account

s Email assault Email@ . chucks second email? Chuck just chuck no website or anything just chuck Chuck norris gmail s Email assault Email@ com chucks second email? just chuck no website or anything

Watching and remembering to flush :)

It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (27 Photos)

Prevent germs while reducing water waste with automatic toilet flush valves. Motion sensor toilet flushers are the new commercial bathroom standard.

How often do you say, or hear this? I don't need a ??

You already listen about the iPod and Walkman but what you will say this new music player. He is listening music on laptop like iPod and Walkman while cooking .

Love the advancements in technology! Remember when phones had cords? LOL

Nurse Cartoons by award-winning cartoonist Mark Parisi. Affordable & funny comics that are great for presentations, websites, social media, publications, gifts and more.

Wonder if there is a real game for this?

geek granny: they already have rocking chairs and clocks that knit on their own, as well as printers. I have a feeling this will soon be the new face of knitting!

Is this like your grandparents? Enjoy the video!    Webcam 101 for Seniors (Original Version - as Featured on Today Show and Good Morning America)

The CUTEST/SWEETEST older couple I've seen & trying to figure out how to take a picture. Very Funny!

When you see this, does it remind you of Harry Potter? Then you read the caption.

It is a bit freaky with this wireless technology - Copyright: Morten Ingemann A funny comic by Morten Ingemann . Morten Ingemann is a ca.

A shopping list with humor. Learn the power of using a camera to remember virtually anything visual and help better communicate.

Learn more about how you can use photography to capture the finer details in write notes, even the funny ones!