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jesus like

What's with this meme of men who resemble jesus? is it some sort of "whoa, let's get down & dirty with the dude we're not meant to?"

jesus like

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New Favorites: the perfect Summer aran sweater

New Favorites: the perfect Summer aran

Tim Rogers

Photos :: The Dwarf

it's a norweigian death metal dude. which one exactly, i'll have to do the research on...

  • Renée Gibson
    Renée Gibson

    Mathias Lillmans, Finntroll. He's from Finland.

tim rogers. so beautiful.

what is it with knitting mags like Noro Magazine & these cute young bearded models, eh?


patrick petit jean - french model.

Patrick Petitjean - Fashion Model - Profile on New York Magazine
  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith

    he kinda looks like Jesus ;)

  • Nancy Carroll
    Nancy Carroll

    With blonde highlights?

  • kylie gusset
    kylie gusset

    forgive me father, for i have SINNED! ;)

gerard butler - Mmmmm..... ! anyone know which movie? 300?

james metallica hetfield jesus.

greg gillis aka girl talk

it IS jesus, but you need to be able to compare, right? A valentine from Jesus. Tis the season!

opie from sons of anarchy aka ryan hurst

Pictures & Photos of Ryan Hurst

nicola from secretenvelope has a whole posse of jesus like: "So I'm gonna pull a secret out of my envelope and reveal to you all that there is a large percentage of the female population who love men who look like Jesus. I think it begins with a fascination with Jim Morrison and listening to The Doors, then extends beyond RockStarJesus and moves into the realm of RealPeopleJesus."

Secret Envelope: JesusMen part 1
  • Little Red Hen Studio
    Little Red Hen Studio

    If ya gonna have Devendra in there, ya prolly gonna hafta add Russell Brand...

  • kylie gusset
    kylie gusset

    ewwwww. see, with devendra, i reckon he could go some time on the cross and be all devout and fine about it. brand? he'd be all "hey...HEY! where's MY HOOKERS AND COCAINE?????"

  • Little Red Hen Studio
    Little Red Hen Studio


model from the rowan yarns "dalesmen" catalog:

Mossdale | Knit Rowan

local melbs photographer kane hibberd with dave foofighters grohl in the background, also rather jesus like.

warren ellis from band the dirty three