business cards-photography

hunt studio business cards business card Auction time: Sienna will get the chance to bid on numerous items such as the Formula 1 replica car.

Eureka {symbol font} | Elaine Wong

CDA Illustrated> set manufacturing # 2012 we graduated! # Eureka designs / Huang Qilin / Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts _ the Chinese designers Union CDA Illustrated

Cecil Touchon

'Palimpsest Asemic Correspondence' by Cecil Touchon. Ink on antique Mexican Geography Journal. via the artist

number 8, (Paris Typeface)

number (Paris Typeface)-Wow this is one beautiful font! The differences in weight between the thick and thin strokes make it impractical for body copy but in a display size.

Einstein Typeface - Enough of an artist

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination ~ Albert Einstein (by Alex Macsoda)

Material — Issue 1 Kimberly Schoen, Ginny Cook Artist Magazine / By Studio Quentin Walesch