Kids did this in Kindergarten...they LOVED it! Draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt. how proud will kids be to wear their original art designs!

Sandpaper Printed T-shirt

"Draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt. how proud will kids be to wear their original art designs!" How proud I will be to wear my own original art designs!

My Husband loves these, will be great as a stocking stuffer!

"Your'e the bomb" Valentines gift for my chocoholic hubs--The dynamite was made from Rolo’s candy rolled with red paper. The wick is a bit of black licorice and the bundle is tied with some black pipe cleaner.

Forget the kids... I want to try this myself :)

Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle

Recycled Soda Bottle Art - Do you drink a lot of two liter soda pop, and is wondering what to do with the bottles? How about you make some recycled soda bottle art?

Snack bin!  Easy for kids to grab a snack.

Healthy Snack bin in the Pantry - I like the pre-portioned items! This is also a great idea for prepping for kids lunches for the week. And for Work!

cute idea!

Mom's love hand print crafts ad she'll love these hand print, footprint flowers for Mother's Day. Hand print flowers with footprint leave.


I'd love to get this from my kid.Handprint Great idea for simple Mother's Day (or Father's Day) gift.

Make The Best of Things: Crackle finish with Elmer's Glue

DIY::Crackle finish with Dollar Star Glue Tutorial ! ( crackle medium is nothing but diluted (elmer's) white glue! Dollar store white glue will work the same way.

Lots of fun themed scavenger hunts (with free printables!) for the kids this summer

20 Printable Summer Scavenger Hunts

20 Amazing Scavenger Hunts for Summer -- perfect independent activity that improves observation & reading skills!

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Thanksgiving Day Turkey Hat

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Cassie at The Craft Crow has a large resource of some great Thanksgiving projects. I especially love her roundup of easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids that features this paper bag turkey hat from My.

Neat alternative to pinatas.  A punch box for party favors - its like the price is right game!

Party Time: Maddie-licious

I made the candy button punch box out of poster board, tissue paper and paper bags. Each child was asked a candy-themed trivia question. S/he then got to punch a dot and claim a prize.