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Seigneur des anneaux un Lifetime Arwen mur cite - romantique Wall Art personnalisé vinyle autocollant autocollants pour les mariés, anniversaires, Couples

Lord of the Rings One Lifetime Arwen Wall Quote - Romantic Wall Decal Custom Vinyl Art Stickers for Newlyweds, Anniversaries, Couples


Yet more scratchboard! My eagle and squirrel look kinda sad but so be it.

Higher Resolution Tree Of Life Tattoo By Don Pachi Cyqbu

I've always loved the idea of doing a tree of life tattoo but maybe making it more like an acacia tree and having a giraffe eating from it

Pretty tattoo idea

Tree of life. I'd like to do something like this to add to my hobbit/rustic/Celtic/nature wall gallery. I hope I can mix all of those themes without clashing too much.

I like how the tree doesn't make a circle but the circle is still there

I wonder how her tattoo will turn out if she does have it tattooed. If so that will be the first tattoo design I have m. Tree of Life Tattoo