What impresses me the most is Post "Voldemort is the villain we never hope to face. Umbridge is the villain we face every day." <- Absolutely right!


I hate Snape. I hate how everyone loves Snape. I hate Snape more than Voldemort. Heck, I hate Snape more than Umbridge.

Draco and Teddy (Draco wears a Weasley sweater!) ... draco malfidus, harry potter, teddy lupin, draco, malfidus, teddy, lupin

Draco and Teddy (Draco wears a Weasley sweater! and his mug says princess! Notice the more time Teddy spends with Draco the more his hair changes from blue to blond.

I'm kinda like Snape, but I don't have a wand.

Harry Potter and the Seven Stages of Denial.

Funny pictures about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Oh, and cool pics about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Also, The Seven Stages Of Denial photos.

Totally noticed that look!

When Snape realized that protecting Harry was going to be a bigger job than he ever realized. You rock those greasy locks, baby!

Harry Potter - Minerva McGonagall

Harry Potter - Minerva McGonagall Queen of sass ~~~ In case you didn't know where Harry gets it.

Headcanon accepted!!!

But if this were true and McGonagall saw how the muggles treated harry, I feel like she would have let him pet her knowing that petting a cat would bring joy to this small child

the marauders and little harry

If Harry grows up thinking his name is "Prongs Junior", Sirius will have a "sirius problem".