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Jewel toned chocolate kiss wedding favors.  See more Hershey Kiss wedding favors and party ideas at

Hershey Kiss wedding favors are a sweet display of affection. There are many ways of incorporating these sweet treats into your wedding, whether for taste or pure decoration.

Free Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt Clues

6 Free rhyming Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt clues to help you hide presents in your home this Christmas. Easy & fun for all ages.

31 realities of life intj woman

31 realities of life intj woman if any of you ever wanted to know the struggle haha -Rachel

Christmas Scavenger Hunt- Eileen used to do things like this for me, my favorite was when my gifts were tied together with string and i had to follow it all around the furniture back to the tree!

An easy 4 clue Christmas gift riddle scavenger hunt. Make Christmas gift giving last a little longer by having the kids hunt for one or more of their gifts.

10 Things to say to your child when she is anxious or worried #parenting #drrobyn

A lovely list of short sentences that may help an axious or worried little one from "Spin-Doctor Parenting": 10 Things to Say to an Anxious Child


Want a fun way to encourage kids to do their chores? Craft a chore door knob hanger. Door hanger that says "to do" and "done". Clothes pins with the chore are on the "to do" side and when the child does the chore move they move it to the "done" side.