Flip flops with monogram using heat transfer vinyl. I used a heat press at 270 for 10 seconds.

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Students use hash tags to practice one-word summary writing. Can use as quick check for understanding of events, people, or theories.

The Curly Classroom: I {Heart} Notebooks 2.0


Hall Pass - Print on card stock and put into ID badge holders on coil key chains (both from Walmart). Blank pass at end can be written on with a whiteboard marker and then erased (for students who have to go somewhere else in the building). These are waterproof (seal the top opening with packing tape or buy self-seal ID badge holders) and kids wear them high up on their arms so they don't get wet/dirty in the bathroom.

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Gina Wiser

My Erin Condren | Where YOU Share How YOU Use YOUR Erin Condren Products!

My Erin Condren


Students must highlight their name before putting it in the tray. Great way to make sure all papers have names!

Welcome to Room 36!: management


Cornell Notes for Language Arts Interactive Notebook

5th Grade / Language Arts Interactive Notebook


Print rubrics on post-its!

Everybody is a Genius: Post-It Printing


Divide the inside of a file folder into boxes that are slightly larger than small sticky notes. Write students' names in the boxes in alphabetical order, one name per box. Whenever you want to make a note about a student's progress, jot the information on a sticky note and then place it in the appropriate box. Periodically move the sticky notes to students' assessment folders. You'll have valuable information at your fingertips when it's time to prepare report cards.

The Mailbox


Student-Made E-Books: A Beautiful Way to Demonstrate Learning | Cult of Pedagogy

Student-Made E-Books: A Beautiful Way to Demonstrate Learning


Presenting information, data, or library instruction content, in appealing and innovative formats offers librarians opportunities to engage students and library users in services, resources, and in…

Infographics & Information Literacy


The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies | Cult of Pedagogy

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies


cool engagement strategy

TABLE TEXTING - TeachersPayTeachers.com


Looking for a simple way to get your students out of their seats without sacrificing content? Chat stations is a simple strategy you can implement tomorrow -- check out my video that demonstrates exactly how to do it!

Students Sitting Around Too Much? Try Chat Stations.


Keep Assessing Simple:Tips and Tricks to Keep the Pile Under Control {FREEBIES}

Mandy's Tips for Teachers: Keep Assessing Simple:Tips and Tricks to Keep the Pile Under Control {FREEBIES}


Marzano's 9 Effective Instructional Strategies

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Blog Post: How 6 Secondary Teachers Stay Organized (including GRADING organization forms!)

How 6 Secondary Teachers Keep Their Classrooms Organized | The TpT Blog


Use memes for an ice-breaker activity {from www.traceeorman.com}

Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Five Ways to Use Memes to Connect With Students


16 Simple Tips and Strategies for Giving Awesome Talks and #Presentations

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Make Classes Fun By Teaching History C.S.I. Style.

Make Classes Fun By Teaching History CSI Style


There's a little secret that most of we as educators are keeping about differentiating instruction. We believe it's a good idea in theory, we try to do it when we can...but we really don't have any workable system for differentiating. No one really knows how it's supposed to be done, and the only ideas we've had…

The easiest, simplest way I’ve found to differentiate instruction


FREE labels for Close Reading Highlighters! - Such a motivating way for students to really express their thinking!

Close Reading Highlighter Labels


Question and Answer Relationships - Teaching students to take the lead.

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CommonLit is a FREE collection of hundreds of high-quality non-fiction articles, short stories, historical documents, poems, and more. Each text comes with background information, rigorous text-dependent questions, discussion questions, and other teacher resources. www.commonlit.org

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Love this!!!!! Exit Slips…make sticks with kids names. Have them drop in the labeled cans where think they are at. (image only)

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Etymology Teacher site...what a find!

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