cute pictures of cute boys

cute pictures of cute boys

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Yup, I'd chase him for 26.2 miles

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jason bateman -

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Zefron, Tatum, Gosling, Gigandet, Lautner, Reynolds, Lutz, Somerhalder, and Cooper. Abs♥.

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Scott Speedman. Yum.

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my favorite bad boy

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  • Stefanie Holcomb
    Stefanie Holcomb

    Damon & Stefon are equally bad these days, and both HOT in their own ways :)

  • Natalie Dever ☀
    Natalie Dever ☀

    Me Too!! He is so sexy!! I want him for Christian Grey in the movie.

Neville Longbottom :) (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?)

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ian somerhalder. a seriously beautiful man.

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  • ಌಌஜbebeஜ♥ಌ conn
    ಌಌஜbebeஜ♥ಌ conn

    my fav. Vampire:)


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Swoooon ...

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wow. i bit my bottom lip involuntarily when i saw this...

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  • Sarah


  • Erin Belford
    Erin Belford

    mmm, hmmm.


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John Krasinski

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Wentworth Miller. God, he's beautiful.

wentworth miller boyfriend image search results
  • Marie Michel
    Marie Michel

    I played his little sister in the movie "the human stain". Great times on set. He's a wonderful human being.

  • Meagan Pryor
    Meagan Pryor

    And smart

  • Lisa Flores
    Lisa Flores

    shhh, let's just look at him and be quiet

  • Michelle Klebba Myers
    Michelle Klebba Myers

    Is he really??? :( no way!

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Patrick Dempsey

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eric dane

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Jude Law. He's beautiful.

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Michael Vartan. My son's middle name is Vaughn after his character on Alias. My dream man for sure.

the rikrak studio: more *secret tv crushes* revealed
  • Sarah Burton
    Sarah Burton

    Seriously, that is so cool.

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris

    I love that you gave your son that middle name!

David Boreanaz. I never found him hot before watching Bones, but now? Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. That boy is delicious!

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Colin Firth #art #fotography #jane_austen #movies #actors - still the best Mr. Darcy ever (my apologies to Matthew Macfadyen's fans)

  • Erin Belford
    Erin Belford

    I love him. Colin and Justin Timberlake.

oh yes

Fuck Yeah George Clooney
  • Marie Cox
    Marie Cox


  • Julie Randolph
    Julie Randolph

    oh HELL yes

Jon Hamm

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Ryan Reynolds. Oh my.

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  • Sara Gilbert
    Sara Gilbert



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