Short People Problem Being the same height, shoe and clothing size for the rest of your life, since you were in grade.

Poor thing

Funny pictures about Short girl in the kitchen. Oh, and cool pics about Short girl in the kitchen. Also, Short girl in the kitchen.

Short People Problems

Never have I not had to cut off a pair of jeans.this store called Maurice's in the mall has "extra short" pairs of jeans that fit me perfectly .THEY APPRECIATE SHORT PEOPLE!


Short People Problem so, so disappointing when the youth are as big as you are.yep my 9 year old daughter! I can wear hers!

Short People Problems

Short people problem When you're an adult but you still have to shop in the children's (or junior's) section.

Short People Problems

Short People Problem "When people are walking in front of you while swinging their arms and almost hit you in the face.

short people problems

or you forget the chair because you just want to get the item you cant reach, so you start climbing the wall like spiderman and hurt yourself.