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a monument in the middle of a floor with flowers on it and a potted plant next to it
Leonardo Da Vinci: Chateau St Huberts Chapel, France
an old hallway with wooden doors and brick walls, leading to another room in the building
an angel statue holding a child in his arms
I visited this beautiful ocean fronted cemetery in 1994. I took gravestone rubbings and a lot of pictures. I didn't take these, but ones very similar. This, in my opinion, is one of the worlds most beautiful resting places. Waverley Cemetery, Sydney Aus.
an aerial view of many rows of buildings with stairs leading up to the top and bottom
jacony's memo - milktree: cemetery
an aerial view of a cemetery with many headstones all over the ground and trees in the background
Cemetery in Kyoto, Japan
an old wooden shelter in the middle of a cemetery
Houses of Spirits
Houses of Spirits - This grave house in southern Kentucky's Muhlenberg County has a shed-style roof, and the tombstones are placed outside, demonstrating, perhaps, that the main concern here is protecting the grave rather than the stone.
a stone monument with flowers painted on it
Art Nouveau tomb
Art Nouveau tomb in the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris
an old cemetery with trees in the background and some tombstones on the ground near it
Photo credit: Historic Cemeteries♥
an angel statue sitting next to a grave with a bowl in it's lap
Angel at Highgate East Cemetery in London
a tree that is growing out of the ground next to a headstone in a cemetery
Tree Eating a Gravestone
General Cemetery, Nottingham
a statue of an angel sitting on top of a bench next to flowers and trees
don't call me betty
an angel statue holding a child in his arms
Angel Statues & Sculptures – Be Creative
Angel statue in the graveyard of Trzic, Slovenia