Sammy is 7 years old, and loves the night. He loves scary stories and adventures, and he carries his special umbrella with him everywhere he goes. His cat names Sparx is his inseparable companion, and he now seeks a family that will let him roam free, because he decided that adventuring by himself was a little lonely.

I love how the light comes from the little boy's umbrella. And he likes kitties. That's adorable.

kiss the moon... LOVE it

kiss the moon - I really want this for Lane - If anyone knows where I can get a print - let me know. Danceable Tragedy: Rue des Roses by Movezerb - Whimsical art

rain (by Frans Peter Verheyen)

Rain, photography by Frans Peter Verheyen. In Construction, Street. rain, photography by Frans Peter Verheyen.

All this rain is making me feel gloomy, but these umbrellas caught in a tree at Wapping power station in London bring joy and a smile. Bloom by Sam Spenser.

Yellow umbrellas in a tree - "Bloom" umbrella installation art by Sam Spencer

Raining through the leaves.

Raining through the leaves. If you hit the GIF Button it will rain through the leaves.

Downpour of the mind--words, ideas, plans, inspiration, etc. The story of my brain with ADD this depiction!!!

Trey Everett created this doodle for his book Holy Doodles.the doodle is. called "Downpour of the Mind". We are all bombarded with words in our minds. I'm interested to see what this book is like Protection

Diane Leonard - American Comtemporary Impressionist

Diane Leonard

color of the week: late summer yellow: Huile de Diane Leonard, artiste américaine.

Carla Martell 'Umbrella Elephant' Art

Trademark Art "Umbrella Elephant" by Carla Martell Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas Size: