Agile Kingfisher swiftly & stealthfully swoops in on prey ~ master fisher!!! !!!absolutely superior photography!!!

Majestic kingfisher enjoys taking a dip

Look at this bird the King Fisher. This little creature was created by God unique to survive. The King Fisher has a coat of feathers that do not soak up water so that it can dive under water quickly and swiftly without having to dry of.

When you berry your toes in nature the gifts you receive are worth so much more than gold. Notice : )

The sea sparkles in the fading light of sunset. Beautiful view of the waves.

Butterfly's are so important to the human race, if we never had butterfly's and bees there would be no such thing as planet earth. So if you see a bee or butterfly please do not kill it or spray it with bug spray.

Let Me Pull a Card: How I Find Comfort During Difficult Times

Fiery-throated hummer

The 15 Most Spectacular Hummingbirds!

Robin Redbreast

Beautiful Backyard and Wild Birds are featured in these New Bird Calendars for This selection of Birds Calendars includes Amazing Waterfowl,.

A sprig of heather covered in ice. Sutherland, Scotland. Photo by Laurie Campbell

Professional photographer Laurie Campbell shot this image of ice accumulation on a sprig of heather growing close to a stream, Sutherland, Scotland Picture: Laurie Campbell/Solent News & Photo Agency (via Pictures of the day: 31 January 2012 - Telegraph)

spiderweb - looks like a diamond strand necklace

One of Nature's pieces of jewelry (spiderweb - looks like a diamond strand necklace)

Tuscany travel guide via Find Us Lost on

Tripping: Photo Diary of Tuscany, Italy

Free Image on Pixabay - Seascape, Ocean Waves, Ocean, Sea

Free Image on Pixabay - Seascape, Ocean Waves, Ocean, Sea

spiral sea shell fossil More

Modrest Golden Ratio Photo On Canvas

every day on the balcony of the sea, wings open, fire is born, and everything is blue again like morning. ~Pablo Neruda

The oldest and most prominent big wave contest is the Eddie named after Oahu north coast Hawai'ian lifeguard and internet user Eddie Aikau. The competition window is in between December 1 and the last day of February each year. Another big wave surfing.

Water ripples and glistening droplets - texture and art found in #nature #inspiration

Photography inspiration

UNDERWATER I like the idea of the ocean, it mirrors back to me the beauty and death in my soul, wordlessly articulating my restless longing for the unspeakable like nothing else.