Barcelona Street Art

The art displayed on the doors, walls and shutters of Barcelona.
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#Barcelona #StreetArt. And me.

#Barcelona #StreetArt

#FridaKahlo #Barcelona #StreetArt

#Barcelona #StreetArt

La Carboneria okupa , Barcelona Catalonia by La letra calma,

JPS /// Chat history , Barcelone oct 29, 2014

Barcelona Graffiti University

Street art and graffiti on Barcelona’s shutter doors.

Polish artist M-City is now in Barcelona invited to take part of this year’s Open Walls in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by the new drone revolution, M-city chooses to work on the idea of drone technology and how it is revolutionizing the way we conduct everything from military operations to mail delivery. A simple and effective contribution to this year’ festival.

The artistic duo from Iran “Icy and Sot” were in Barcelona recently.

Blood turns into ink 1

Openwalls Showcase Barcelona 2013 {photos} »

Openwalls Showcase Barcelona 2013 {photos} »

Openwalls Showcase Barcelona 2012 (piece featured by Sam3)

Random Flickz #43 - #Barcelona graffiti scene.

Random Flickz #43 - #Barcelona graffiti scene.

Francisco Pajaro

Francisco Pajaro

Street sign sticker bombing, #StreetArt #Barcelona

Up from under the boot.

Btoy in El Gotico

Basura in El Gotico

El Born

Malarkey on van in El Born

Road sign in El Gotico