How does cannabis compare to prescription drugs?

How does cannabis compare to prescription drugs? I've actually have taken everyone of the medications by PRESCRIPTION! && I've found cannabis to work just as good, if not BETTER!

10 creative hacks for reusing your marijuana stems

10 Creative Hacks For Reusing Your Marijuana Stems

Marijuana – Smoking vs Vaporizing (Infographic)

Marijuana - Smoking vs Vaporizing (Infographic)

Smoking marijuana vs vaporizing marijuana (Health) gotta do it responsibly & informed, with good ppl.

I call caviar marijuana the holiday marijuana. Like the holidays, it brings everyone together. Caviar marijuana does the same concept. Caviar marijuana is marijuana buds soaked in hash oil and cove…

The $1,400 Ounce Known As “Caviar Marijuana”

Buds soaked in hash oil and covered in keif? Weed is getting too advanced and fancy lol

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Hydro Weed - Everything you should know about Aquaponics Made Easy, Home Aquaponics, Backyard Aquaponics and Ecofriendly Aquaponics.

8 Easy Hacks For Growing Insanely Huge Buds

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The two most common compounds in cannabis are THC and CBD - but investors must understand the vast differences of THC vs CBD.


cannabinoid benefit education infographic Inside a Stoner Lab, How Cannabis is Tested for Potency (Video) CBD For Life

outdoor grow calendar cannabis

Our cannabis grow calendar for northern half and the southern half of the United States. Read what to do every month to get the best buds and highest yield.

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This site is the ultimate resource for finding amazing high quality weed and tobacco smoking accessories. Bongs, Hookahs, Water Pipes and more.

This is absolutely the coolest recycler.  #advert

This is absolutely the coolest recycler. #advert