Crochet symbols and abbreviations tutorial

Our Crochet Cheat Sheets Post has loads of tips and tricks that will be valuable to beginner and experienced Crocheters alike.

Amigurumi DIY by AngieGurumi: Amigurumi nose and mouth

Focinho de amigurumi DIY by AngieGurumi: Amigurumi nose and mouth; Nik this is important for all the gurumis you do!

Why You Should Try Surface Crochet- a great technique for finished projects

My latest obsession and a total blast for any crocheter! It's so simple, it feels like cheating. Surface crochet is a way to crochet (slip stitch) on top

Crochet Button Flower Free Pattern - 8 petals [Video]

Crochet Button Flowers Free Patterns

Crochet Button Flower Free Pattern - 8 petals [Video]

To get that vertical stripe effect without the stitches slanting, do all your single crochets in the front loop only.

pocket-sushi: “ Preventing Vertical Slanting while Crocheting in the Round Similar issues had been brought up before and I provided a few tricks, but today I discovered one that used basic single crochet. It is probably common knowledge, but I have.

Crochet Cat Cave

Crochet Cat Cave Free Pattern Lots Of Ideas

Crochet Wicker Cat Cave - buy now - affiliate link Pet Accessories, Dog Toys, Cat Toys, Pet Tricks

Cheat sheet for ringlets

Recently I posted a cute pattern for the Giant Octopus amigurumi - you had to make a bunch of crocheted curls in that pattern. I then found this great resource over at - a crocheted curly cue sampler - how to choose the best curl.

Amigurumi Tutorial: How to Embroider a Nose (teddy bear, bunny and cat nose)

Amigurumi tutorial: Embroidering teddy bear, bunny and cat nose // Kristi Tullus (spire.