Freeze water in a surgical hand glove to make a creepy ice cube for the punch at Halloween party.

12 Halloween Treats So Delicious It’s Scary

Screaming Red Punch with an Ice Hand. Freeze water in a surgical hand glove to make a creepy ice cube for Halloween it!

I may never buy bows again. How to make them out of a page of a magazine, or any colorful paper

DIY gift wrap bow from magazine pages or any old scrap paper. For a fuller bow, use thicker, longer strips. More sturdy paper will make a more sturdy bow. Fun and easy to play around with!

ribbon and beads= christmas trees. Fun ornaments!

ribbon and beads Christmas trees - fun craft for the kids

Use press 'n' seal saran wrap to make a ghostly friend in the window.

Try Saran Wrap. Use clear contact paper to make a ghostly friend in the mirror.

Little vampire pumpkins. so cute!

Fanged Pumpkins

DIY Vampire Pumpkins: Mini-Pumpkins, Plastic Vampire Teeth, and Sewing Pins.

How to make gift bows from magazines,paper...

Make your own bow (you can use ribbon instead of the old magazine paper.although I like the magazine paper as well) hehe - DIY and Crafts


The Busy Budgeting Mama: A Not So Spooky Halloween Party-Inspiration Board/DIY Ideas usar bolinhos prontos

DIY Halloween Silhouette Luminaries~

Halloween luminaries, mix white glue and craft paint and paint the inside of glass jars, decorate outside of jar with vinyl cutouts and add candle

Halloween Decorations

Milk jugs into spirit jugs with a string light and a sharpie. Fun outdoor halloween decorations and DIY halloween fun!

Ooh this is creepy! This lady has awesome posts about halloween props and decor.Check it out!

DIY Spellbook She uses flat glass marbles and magazine eyes and lots of other tricks to create this book. (The book itself is neat. but I really like the magazine eyes idea! You could use that for SO many other things than just the book!

29 Homemade Halloween Costumes (for adults) This cactus costume is hilarious!!

19 Easy DIY Adult Costumes

Cactus - 29 Homemade Halloween Costumes (for adults). I bet my brother would do the cactus.

halloween mason jar lantern

Halloween--- mason jars, a little bit of tissue paper, a whole lot of mod podge, a tea light or two and you have hallowen-inspired mason jar lanterns

toooooo cute!!!

Undead Pumpkins

Undead Pumpkins Creating your own googly-eyed monsters has never been easier. Just don't get too close -- these guys look hungry. How to Make the Zombie Pumpkins

PVC Life Size Jack Skellington. LOVEEE THIS!!!!!!!!

PVC life-sized Jack Skellington step-by-step how-to. The Nightmare Before Christmas

HAHA This is perfect for an adult Halloween party!

The Beer Cooler Pumpkin. So need to make this for Dennis! Only I would use real beer not barley soda.