Log cabins

Pacific Coast Cottage exterior Photo by Roger Wade Here are bonus photos and plans for a dream cottage on the Puget Sound near Port Orchard, Washington. The cottage was originally featured in the February 2014 issue of Cabin Life.

Winter cabin

Cozy little cabin in the woods.of Siberia.I'm kind of obsessed with cabins and Russia at the moment.

Lovely setting ~ jack

A Little Cabin in the Woods is All We Need Photos) - Suburban Men - July 2015

Log cabin

DONE: This is one place I could spend so much time exploring. I love the log cabins at Cade's Cove, TN. Our favorite place to stop while we are in the Smoky Mountains!

Micro-House-March: Day 13 | Four Lights Tiny House Company by Jay Shafer

Micro-House-March: Day 13 - this is from Jay's list of his fave tiny house finds, i love the look of the small cabin here and would like to build one myself .