Funny Friendship Ecard: I ran out of 'never have I evers,' so we started playing 'don't judge me but.

Why I hate true!!!!

When things go terribly wrong…

OK, I'm not always THIS epic fail at craft projects. This really made me laugh, becuase SOMETIMES, I really AM this fail.

One part wasn’t enough…

One part wasn’t enough…

Stupid kids deserve mean Moms. Hope the kids Mom is so mean she breaks the tips off of all the pencils so they have to finish the book in pen or crayon. Signed, A meaner Mom.

Maybe more!

Men, if you ever wanna know what a woman's mind feels like, imagine a browser with tabs open. So true!

@Amanda Escue

Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: If I ever go missing, I would like my photo put on wine bottles instead of milk cartons. This way my friends will know to look for me.


No witnesses

So true for all of us, some of the time! We ought to have that same patience in our homes, remember there is ALWAYS at least one witness (he is there - just look up! No one else has an infinite amount of patience for us, except our Lord!

Dog: "... I love you so much."

Something bad happened…

Something happened in the kitchen and. I love you so much. (Those puppy dog eyes get me every time!

this is so true tonite lol!

I'm actually politically ranting AND finding good cupcake recipes! See me multitask!

What I learned from FRIENDS

Great quotes from Friends. I always say everything in life can be related back to FRIENDS. :) my're my lobster.


My Favorite Your E-Cards

its true (not for me) I hate target its a bunch of people thinking they're better than you because they arent shopping at walmart. get over yourselves its target.