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pointe shoes comparisison

Many Different kinds of pointe shoes, and its amazing how they can make each a perfect fit for any foot~Capezios and Grishkos all the way.Blochs and Freed are too.fat for me.

Just the way she is: None of the photos are altered or retouched in any way

As both ladies and mens clothing of winter, of course, located between models wool sweater indispensable products. On the one hand elegance and comfort on the one hand a hand in order to achieve warm - My Yoga Slim

hmmm... what goes with tulle? (answer: everything)

me really amazing and creative people. Most recently we had the privilege of working with our sweet friend, Shelby, who is an American Ballerina in Copenhagen, dancing as a professional ballerina for the Royal Danish Ballet.

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So perfect! ❤ Ballerina Katie Boren in her Bloch Hannah Pointe Shoes. Ballerina project image at Industry City. Photographed by

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Alice by Juliett Sokolova - an adorable young ballerina (reminds me of my childhood photos from ballet class)

I have the book this picture comes from... but love the simple directions with arrows!

Standing in ballet is a little more complicated than it seems. And then, somehow, you must remember to BREATHE!