HORSE: breathtaking, haunting black Apaloosa in the forest.

if people knew what a comfort to a horse a light hand is.” Anna Sewell, Black Beauty/all-creatures-great-small

Andalusian in the surf. amazing.

via FB page-->> The Amazing Wild Nature Andalusian - beauty on the beach Oh my gosh!

"My Little Brother Is Adopted. My Mom Said Not To Mention That Until He's Older." LOVE IT!!! ❤☺❤

Horses and dog matching. Love that little foal. 16 Reasons Jack Russells Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Black beauties

Photography You can feel the attraction.Michela Black Horses nuzzling, with beautiful black bridle halters.

Beautiful braided mane - My favorite way to braid my horses for Dressage!

French twist hair pony tails Beautiful braided mane - My favorite way to braid my horses for Dressage!

Haflinger Dressage braiding

Impressive Horse Mane Braids: These braids are not just pretty — they once served an important safety function. The latest beauty craze trending right now is all about horses sporting stunning and intricate braids.


the majestic stallion & raging sea & the storm have power beyond our control. Thanking God - who is also Power beyond us - that He loves each person so VERY much - John YOU are the World, too. Lovely GORGEOUS HORSES equine pin photo via pin from wkreece

There is no love greater than that between a girl and her horse

"Every horse deserves, at least once in his life, to be loved by a little girl." I wish I knew who said that.

Gorgeous job on the mane!

Norwegian Fjords, they are relatively small but very strong horse breed and they do have a black stripe in their manes. The natural mane is long, thick, and heavy, but is usually clipped in a distinctive crescent shape.

For the Love of Horses

For the Love of Horses

Beautiful white stallion prancing with graceful neck bowed down. Long beautiful mane an tail. PRE stallion Armas Avellano - Andallusion Champion of Spain from 2009

haha, just looked at the Arab magazine and seen this beauty! More

Bred and owned by David Myers. Dressed by Heirloom Arabian Halters. Photographed by Nancy Pierce at the Kentucky Horse Park, I love the light blue contrast and the white lead!