Glittered Jars!

make a glitter vase. Coat inside of vase with Pledge floor cleaner. then put in glitter to cover the floor cleaner, dump out excess. place a clear cup inside to prevent items inside the vase from scratching away the glitter. - The Best of Diy Ideas

Great household tips

some random tips and tricks.tried the wooden spoon on a boiling didnt do anything for me

I want to make this for my room!

DIY Bird and Text Collage Wall Art. I actually kinda like this.and the background doesn't have to be vintage pages, you can use wallpaper or scrapbook paper, or simply paint the canvas. I love the branch and birds, though!

This is a great idea to grow herbs. Thanks Kathleen for sharing.

Tea containers to plant herbs for the windowsill in the kitchen. décor and I am a daily tea drinker so this works well for décor and display of tea containers and plants.

Moon floor cushion. So freaking cool.

art-sci: “ The giant ‘full moon odyssey’ floor pillow (bed) by Korean designer Lily Suh & Zoono of giving you a dream-like experience as if your are sleeping on the moon. “The print is a real.

Super cool. I want

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Fun all the time!

Let things get a little.twisted in the bedroom, with these Twister inspired sheets of course! Queen size fitted sheet made of cotton. Includes a Twister game spinner. Special non bleed ink. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

I did this on my wall in my room and so should you!

string tree wall mural using only pushpins & yarn. i love mine. hung produce crates on one of the branches for knicnacks, and it looks like a tree house!