Hailey Dillingham

Hailey Dillingham

My likes are probably as interesting or more interesting than my pins because I'm too lazy to pin things... (:
Hailey Dillingham
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10 Ways to Make Your Lessons Unforgettable ~ RELEVANT CHILDREN'S MINISTRY

10 ways to get the learning to stick. If students lose about of their short term memory, then we must find better ways to improve retention of long term learning.

Spinning and plying two 8-oz braids for long color-changing yarn.  Must try this - well laid out.

Spinning and plying two braids for long color-changing yarn. Just a photo, but it sets out how to combine a solid and a variegated braid to get a gradient yarn set.

Sit Down - A Designer's Home That Takes Wallpaper To The Next Level - Photos

Sit Down - Hygge & West wallpaper and a vintage desk create the ultimate work vibes.