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Illustrator Karla Castaneda Id like a tattoo like that. Naked girl, bottle of booze, and instead of the butterflies maybe like stars and nebulas

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Choppy Waters | Hand Cut Collage | 2014 © Gareth Halliday 2014

Gareth Halliday Collage Art Gareth Halliday aka is an emerging British collage artist. His unorthodox career has taken an intriguing path since he graduated from the University of.

in deze tijd zijn er veel jongeren die samen met elkaar gaan blowen waardoor ze slecht kunnen concentreren en hun hersenen aangetast worden. meestal doen jongeren dat om stoer te zijn tegenover hun vrienden.

Stoner Girls are the best, chilling with them means less drama and more weed! Enjoy our second collection of stoner girls smoking weed.

Dorothy & Alice by Helen Green is the original print (and the link). The text may have been written by 9gag or not, but someone turned it into a popular meme.

Dorothy and Alice Art Print

onlyfatrabbit: Alice sits holding a tea cup and talks to Dorothy. “I’ve seen some weird shit.” (via Alice tells Dorothy about Wonderland. What, the Wizard is crap?

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