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Outdoor drink holder

Soo doing this !!!!! Take an old lotion bottle (this is a Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo bottle) and cut it to fit around an outlet and plug. Select some fabric and Mod Podge it on. Instant electronic device holder, clear counters! # Pin++ for Pinterest #

3 Ways to Create a Beautiful and Comfortable Bed

How to make a bed, layering the linens and pillows to have it look like a magazine photo shoot - sheets, duvet, coverlet, throw, shams, pillows, toss cushions

Tumblr Inspired DIY Desk Ideas

There has been something on my mind for a while lately. It has also been on my todo list for months. That thing would be my desk area. As a full time student and blogger, you can imagine that my desk would be a pretty important area, right? In it’s curren

The latest mix and match style from Art Concept Club

@SoudaBrooklyn / @duluxaus: Dulux Colour provides a cool, relaxing backdrop for blush highlights in this living space from @ArtClub_Concept. We recommend Wash&Wear in Matt finish, styled by @BreeLeech Souda on Tumblr

Quick Easy DIY Desk Ideas + Projects

Balance a wooden board across two IKEA storage cabinets, and boom—you have an instant desk with plenty of room to stash your office supplies. The one above was spotted in a home designed by Shift Interiors. I'd have something like this in my craft room.