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Rice krispy treats. These are precious. I will do these for a birthday party for our babies.

Rice crispies treats shaped like ice cream cones - toddler ice cream shoppe birthday party. Or shape as iceblocks with a bite taken out - onto sticks and still dipped in pink icing.

Soft and clean, made using dishsoap and corn starch.

Creative Playhouse: Bubble Dough using 1 cup cornflour and cup of washing up liquid or liquid hand soap.

owl cake pops

13 Adorable, Edible Owl Treats this would be a fun idea for a little girls birthday party

Loved ones will adore these Red Velvet Sweetheart Cakes.

Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

Red Velvet Cupcakes - Wear your heart on a decadent dessert. Red Velvet Cupcakes sport the color of the season. With a heart-shape cookie and a little powdered sugar, they're dressed for a party -- whether it's for two or more.

Sweet Heart Cupcakes

Fill your heart with love — literally! Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make a heart cutout on the top of a cupcake, and then fill it in with a little pink icing. Cupcakes are always sweet, but Glorious Treats' Valentine's Day cupcakes are divine.

Lemon Mousse Parfaits #recipe #valentinesday

55 Valentine's Day Desserts That Really Show How Much You Care

Lemon Mousse Parfaits-- I posted this because of the hearts. I think I would probably make a bottom layer of chocolate mousse and then put the hearts in a layer of light-colored topping at the top of the parfait.

Cannibal Meat & Cheese Tray

Cannibal Meat Cheese Tray - Large oval platter covered with a bed of lettuce, lay out a (washed) plastic skeleton, bend his knees to fit all on the platter, fill his rib cage with meat (hard salami) and arrange the cheese slices around him.

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