This is really dramatic but it is so true. I miss being happy. Luckily I'm starting to find that again and realize that I miss me.

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// heartbreaking. Missing loved ones today, that have passed. And mourning the tragic loss for my family, close friends, and friends from the past.

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Miss having my husband to talk with, share things with. Alzheimer's might want him but I will fight to keep him ! #alzheimers #tgen #mindcrowd

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'You're going to lose people in your life and realize no matter how much time you spent with them,it will never seem like it was enough.'

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quotes quote quotation quotations change different life reality in an instand everything changed and it was never the same again

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"Let's not say goodbye. How about just see you later?" "Yeah, see you later." Even though scenarios of his death were swirling through his mind when he wished Rosalina goodbye, it was painful because he acted as if he would see her again. In today's world, you never knew if you would see a loved one again or not. He could only hope for the best.

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Love the mimions, missing someone

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Missing someone doesn't always have to be morbid. LOL.

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Soon we will never have to feel this way! Rumple you have my heart, every single broken piece of it. And you know exactly how to piece it back together! I love you so much!

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yeah, really do hurt. i miss someone but have no idea how to meet him. someone who ever be my closest companion. :(

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they say that absense makes the heart grow fonder; but all it's really done is make me miss you more than ever

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Miss you


There Are Moments In Life When You Miss Someone So Much That You Just Want To Pick Them From Your Dreams And Hug Them For Real. -- Charlie Brown.

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We used to talk for hours... look at us now

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Baba jan :,( my buddy! You will always be in my thoughts and I know your blessings are with me! May Allah grant u Janatil Firdouse! Ameen!!Xox

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I miss you:(

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Missing someone isn't about how long it's been..

Buckle up, Bitch


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Luke Bryan <3

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I miss you.

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