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Short hair with much volume

Short haircut with high volume and messy styling | Turtleneck

Short hairstyle with a rounded back

Smooth short hairstyle with a rounded back and a long fringe

Easy to style short hair cut

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Low maintenance haircut for short hair

Tidy short and low maintenance haircut for women

Festive hairstyle for short hair

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Soft bob hairstyle

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Sporty style for short hair

Versatile and sporty ear length haircut

Sweet short haircut

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Short bob cut with volume

Short bob with gradation on the back for volume

Curly bob haircut with a shorter back

Curly plunging bob with a short back | Angled bob

Short bob hairstyle with curls

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Soft look for short hair

Soft short hairstyle with an undercut

Bob haircut with increasing length on the sides

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Short and youthful haircut

Short haircut with soft curls and waves and a youthful apperance

Short feminine hairstyle

Short feminine garçon haircut that brings focus to the face

Cute short hair with long bangs

Cute short hairstyle with a graduated back and long bangs

Short hair styled close to the neck

Short haircut with the hair styled close to the neck

Short cut for platinum blonde hair

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Short hairstyles for 40+ women

Raspy short hair for women aged over 40

Short blonde bob with layers

Short hairstyle for a Twiggy look | Makeover

Blonde bob cut with a shorter back

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Short hair styled with an outward flip

Short haircut with a longer side and an outward flip

Short hairstyle with a short fringe

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Short retro haircut with gel styling

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Very short hairstyle with a fringe

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