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Beautiful, colourful sunrise

Beautiful, colourful sunrise Beautiful, Reminds me of My Friend James, Gone to Soon, You are Missed by All This is so You!

sunset sky

Amazing road with pink sunset. Looks like Father Sky and Mother Earth really are in love.


Heron Island Daybreak, Maine - Man cannot begin to paint a painting in the exact colours he sees in sunsets. It is a spectacle, a show that God puts on for mankind.


Beautiful nature/ ' The light of Christ is that divine power or influence that emanates from God through Jesus Christ. It gives light and life to all things.

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful purple sunset- I cannot explain the awe I would be in if I watched this particular sunset!…God is so awesome

The sunset really sets off the red in this photo. It uses very warm tones and seems super balanced.  Marco Camassi  50 Mind-Blowing Examples of Landscape Photography | Bored Panda

50 Mind-Blowing Examples of Landscape Photography


And find a place where there is no road and leave a path. A path that leads to a favorite spot.

Forest Rays

~~Forest Rays ~ sunlight beams create dramatic tree silhouettes by Owd Bob~~ Amazing how the rays are going different directions.