Space Theme: Shaving Cream Marbleized Earth (or change colors for other planets)  ... Cub Scouts in Space Day Camp activity.  The Cub Scouts LOVED this activity last year.

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Teaching with TLC: Awesome Earth Day Art Project. "Shaving Cream Earth" using shaving cream, paint, tray, and paper.

cute for a alien program for SRC 2012.  Courtesy of

Alien Dress Up

Create an alien headband craft with paper, sparkly pipe cleaners, sticky back sparkly foam, googly eyes and use it as a pretend play prop.

I was trying to start a blog and thought this would be a cute project to show. It is a fun craft project for kids.

Cute Space Crafts: moon and stars mobile

Outer Space Craft Collection from Totally Tots

popsicle stick stars - made these with AWANA kids when we talked about the wise men. they colored with crayons, then spread glitter glue with paintbrushes (would be cute with sequins, buttons, etc.

These creatures come in peace! As party guests arrive, let them launch right into action with a mask-making project. We created ours with glow-in-the-dark craft foam and stickers so we could dim the lights and... **For more birthday party craft ideas visit

Halloween Printables

Alien Invasion Masks Anderson - don't need black plastic masks and can replace foam for construction paper