Love this.

fall fashion: boots(LOVE THESE) tights, long shirt,h statement necklace. Yup definitely going to go shopping to duplicate this outfit this fall

Perfect summer outfit.

This is exactly my style. Edgy and simple. The necklace is just right in terms of size and statement. The shorts need to be longer for me though. Aviator glasses are always my thing!

Outfits with jeans

"Jean Sets" - Gotta love 'em all. now, if my wallet would love 'em all too, it would be perfect!

I like the whole outfit

White ruffle top, gray skinny crop pants, gray pumps, gold cuff bracelet The grey pant I really want


I really like the type of boot that has a heel and like, scrunches a little like the gray one here, maybe it'd camouflage my big calves. Grey top and bag with denim jeans and a long blue cardigan.

Refashioned sweater. The body becomes the skirt and the sleeves become leg warmers.

old sweater put to good use! the skirt is half of it and the sleeves of the sweater are the leg warmers! (Like the skirt idea, but not crazy about the leg warmers.