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@Geana Giglio + @Grace Dunshee this is for you.

I got a free tattoo. It's a Mexican drinking worm, a native American symbol for wasted.


Ian McKellen actor as Gandalf the Greyin The Lord of the Rings Movies 2003 , Gandalf the white.The Five Wizards of Middle Earth: Pallando, Radagast, Saruman, Gandalf and Alatar (see Artist: Tristan Wang)


Funny pictures about Types of Dinosaurs. Oh, and cool pics about Types of Dinosaurs. Also, Types of Dinosaurs photos.


Yer doin’ it right (34 Photos)

Ron Weasley is the official Ginger spokesperson. View "Keep Calm and Ginger On" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor


Funny pictures about TV's greatest bromance. Oh, and cool pics about TV's greatest bromance. Also, TV's greatest bromance.

The Church of Pokeology

No, it's definitely Pokemon.


Coffee Because Crack Isn't Allowed in the Workplace Funny Poster Print Stampe su AllPosters.


making fun of hipster motivational posters/pictures - DFW Mustangs