i like how these are hung - two strings, one higher, other end lower (attic space...guest room/tv room...) too cute for words. love how cozy the space is. Would love this for a sun room

No dresser? No problem.

Slide N' Stack Shirt Organizer. - i guess i can make myself something like this with a piece of cardboard or slice some box in half :)

Carving Perfection

I know that it's a little late in the game for me to hear of this band, but ODDMAN undercover, Wolffeathers, highly recommended that I give a listen to Steam

Bright and vibrant, but still natural. I like this color combo. It could work for just about any room in the house. Want to paint your rooms these colors? Come to We are the color authority.

10 Kitchens To Inspire Your Own Remodel

Foto "pinnata" dalla nostra lettrice Mrs. Grigoli New York-based styling brand Zio & Sons designed this tiny space that combines white tile with natural wood for a rustic feeling.

Gorgeous idea for Halloween centerpiece. Just cut the top off of a plastic skull and insert silk flowers-- man why didn't I think of this! Silver though not gold...or maybe some crazy loud color...