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AWWW!! It has the lyrics to a lot of their old songs I'm crying

A mash up of lyrics.thank you and you do realise now your basically going to hell<<< <<<fucking true. Okay i'll just cry my eyes out thank you, dear.

5sos fam constitution

The only thing that isn't true is we don't ship boys romantically. Because there is Muke and Cake and Lashton

Yep there's my name.

I certainly hope my name is listed. If not, I wish you the best with whoever you are matches up with. I am Mrs.

♡ Oregon «California///Idaho///Utah///(Virginia)///Colorado////Pennsylvania////Ohio>>South Carolina////Florida///Michigan///Canada////Sydney>>>>texas>>> Sydney>>>Maine-------NW>>>Texas>>> North Carolina>>>>>>California>>>>>>>>>>

♡ Oregon «California///Idaho///Utah///(Virginia)///Colorado////Pennsylvania////Ohio>>South Carolina////Florida///Michigan///Canada////Sydney>>>>texas>>> Sydney>>>Kentucky>> TEXAS AGAIN>> minnesota


It's depressing knowing how accurate this actually is. I don't want to see One Direction. I want One Direction to see me.

Repin for Mikey like for Zayn<<< can we just. WALMART VS GUCCI OMFH

I hate this. You can't compare Zayn to Michael Clifford. I hate Michael so much. Zayn looks so much better than Michael. Michael is Walmart.