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Minnesota Nice! The journal Perspectives on Psychological Science claims that Minnesota is nicer than the rest of America. ~ Scientifically proven! So proud to be from MN!

Minnesota Nice - What is Minnesota Nice

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So true

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"I've been telling her that for years," Ari breathed. She had never talked about what Scar was like to another person. Ever. "The one thing she understands is hiding." | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness

Unfortunately, one of my friends has implied to me that you can only consider yourself a nerd or geek if you are savvy and know things a usual geek knows. Being an insecure introvert, this makes me reeeeally cautious in calling myself a geek. To make things worse, I am a... Mild person? So yeah... But this quote still makes me smile! And agree with it.

“Being a geek is all about your own personal level of...

Most women want a man that’s already established. A strong woman will be part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together and build an empire.

Most women want a man that's already established. - I Love My LSI

quotes about love 50 70 Quotes About Love and Relationships

I want a life where I want to wake up early because I love my life just that much.

“But I think it’s intoxicating when somebody is so unapologetically who they are.” ---> This explains much of how I present myself to the world.

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Just, yes.



Christian Wall Art. Ten Commandments. Bible by LittleLifeDesigns

So true. If you're only trying to make other people happy you become miserable. .


She had blue skin And so did he. He kept it hid And so did she. They searched for blue Their whole life through, Then passed right by - And never knew.

You hate when people see you cry because you want to be that strong girl. At thr same time, though, you hate how nobody notices how torn apart and broken you are. So true.

"Don't tell me what they said about me. Tell me why they were so comfortable to say it around you." #quote #truethat


Keep up

The important things.

God, this is so true.

You're not invisible.

Best quote of ALL time..Country Strong.