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Under worst ways to die: Hollywood leading man & sex symbol Ramon Novarro was choked to death with a lead dildo after being tortured for hours by the 2 men he had hired for sex. Mistakenly thinking there was money in the home, the brothers decided to rob Ramon upon arriving at his house. They left with 20 dollars. The dildo had been a gift given to Ramon by sex icon Rudolph Valentino.



Another Lady of the Krakow Crypt. A woman who was poisoned by her father on her wedding day for marrying a man he disapproved of. She lies in her wedding dress. The year was 1787.


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The deaths of Bonnie & Clyde at the hands of the lawmen, killed in ambush 1934


The Bonnie & Clyde Picture Album - Page-2

When Grace Brown told Chester Gillette that she was pregnant she hoped he would marry her. Instead, Gillette made arrangements for a trip to the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. Gillette took Brown out in a rowboat on Big Moose Lake, where he clubbed her with his tennis racquet and left her to drown. He returned alone and laid low at his hotel. Brown's bruised and beaten body was found at the bottom of the lake the next day. On March 30, 1908, Chester Gillette died in the electric…


Chester Gillette + Grace Brown Documentary

Marilyn's crime scene.


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Phineas Gage - in 1848 Phineas was working on the railway when a terrible accident saw him receive an iron tamper through his cheek up into his brain and out the top of his head. Minutes after the accident Phineas was up and walking around able to carry on conversation. He went on to recover from his accident but friends and family report that he was a different man, altogether, from the Phineas they knew. This Phineas was prone to outbursts and lacked inhibition. His accident served to…


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Victim of Jack the Ripper, City of London Cemetery, London


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The Grauballe Man was found on the 26th of April 1952, near the village of Grauballe, Denmark. They date him around the 3rd century, and he died from having his throat cut ear to ear, then thrown in the bog naked. They think it was ritual sacrifice. He had no calluses on his hand, meaning he didn't do manual labor, very odd for the time.


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Photo of Jack the Ripper victim, Mary Jane Kelly.


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Policemen stare up as the Triangle fire of 1911 rages, while the bodies of factory workers who plunged to their deaths to escape the blaze lie on the sidewalk..this fire and the exposed working conditions of these girls (which ultimately led to their deaths) lead to OSHA and to safer working conditions in the US.


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