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Pin the Alphabet for Literacy Month

September is National Literacy Month, so we're excited to announce an ABC-themed PINTEREST GIVEAWAY! See the board cover on How to Enter, check out this HP-themed sample board for inspiration, and decide on YOUR theme. As long as you hit A-Z, themes are flexible -- examples: Home ("B" for (Wing) Back Chair), Food ("C" for Chevre Tart), Supervillains ("D" for Dr. Doom), Wes Anderson Films ("E" for Etheline Tenenbaum). Happy pinning!

Pin the Alphabet for Literacy Month

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Celebrate #literacymonth with @halfpricebooks and enter to win a gift card! Learn more:

  • Amy Baker
    Amy Baker

    ABC's of Occupations

  • Rebecca Warnken
    Rebecca Warnken My brother's and my favorite books ♥

  • Brian Bell
    Brian Bell ABC's of Warhammer 40,000

  • Jennifer Allen
    Jennifer Allen

    ABC's of Doggies

  • Half Price Books
    Half Price Books

    Okay guys! It's time to announce our winner! Thanks so so much to everyone who entered, but our randomly selected winner IS (drumroll PLEASE!) . . . Kelsie Phelps for her ABCs of Good Books board! (Kelsie, please email with your contact info.) Thx to everyone who participated -- all of your boards were really great. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@halfpricebooks) for our next giveaway -- this one is school-inspired and will be announced very soon! ~kd

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"Y" is for You-Know-Who #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"X" is for Xenophilius Lovegood #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

HPL: Reader's Guide DH20 - Xenophilius Lovegood

"U" is for (Dolores) Umbridge #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"Z" is for Zonko's #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"I" is for Invisibility Cloak #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"N" is for Neville Longbottom #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"C" is for Charms #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

  • Diandra Mae
    Diandra Mae

    I'd argue that with Avada Kedavra, C is for Curses. ;)

"A" is for A Very Potter Alphabet #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"E" is for (House) Elves #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"R" is for (We love) Ron Weasley #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"V" is for Vernon (Dursley) #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Funny Harry Potter Pictures

"K" is for Knight Bus #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"J" is for J.K. Rowling #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"B" is for (Sirius) Black #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"Q" is for Quidditch #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"F" is for Fred (and George) #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

  • Miranda

    Or Gred and Forge, depending on how you look at it. :)

"L" is for Luna Lovegood #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"W" is for Weasley #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Weasley Family Tree By Ms Wayward
  • Jenn I
    Jenn I

    There are no words for how much I love this.

"G" is for "Goblet of Fire" #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Everything Harry Potter (brandonautry: and Year 4.)

"O" is for Order of the Phoenix #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"D" is for Deathly Hallows #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"P" is for (Half Blood) Prince #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

"T" is for Teaspoon #literacymonth @halfpricebooks