Pin the Alphabet for Literacy Month

September is National Literacy Month, so we're excited to announce an ABC-themed PINTEREST GIVEAWAY! See the board cover on How to Enter, check out this HP-themed sample board for inspiration, and decide on YOUR theme. As long as you hit A-Z, themes are flexible -- examples: Home ("B" for (Wing) Back Chair), Food ("C" for Chevre Tart), Supervillains ("D" for Dr. Doom), Wes Anderson Films ("E" for Etheline Tenenbaum). Happy pinning!
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"Y" is for You-Know-Who #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part Two Poster | Movie Galleries

"X" is for Xenophilius Lovegood #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

HPL: Reader's Guide DH20 - Xenophilius Lovegood

"U" is for (Dolores) Umbridge #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"Z" is for Zonko's #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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Half Price Books

"I" is for Invisibility Cloak #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Unavailable Listing on Etsy

"N" is for Neville Longbottom #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"C" is for Charms #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"A" is for A Very Potter Alphabet #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

A very Potter alphabet.

"E" is for (House) Elves #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"R" is for (We love) Ron Weasley #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"V" is for Vernon (Dursley) #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Funny Harry Potter Pictures

"K" is for Knight Bus #literacymonth @halfpricebooks


"J" is for J.K. Rowling #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"B" is for (Sirius) Black #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Everything Harry Potter

"Q" is for Quidditch #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"F" is for Fred (and George) #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"L" is for Luna Lovegood #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"W" is for Weasley #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Weasley Family Tree By Ms Wayward

"G" is for "Goblet of Fire" #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Everything Harry Potter (brandonautry: and Year 4.)

"O" is for Order of the Phoenix #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"D" is for Deathly Hallows #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"P" is for (Half Blood) Prince #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

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"T" is for Teaspoon #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Scoped and dropped

"M" is for Mischief Managed (and the Marauder's Map) #literacymonth @halfpricebooks

Mischief Managed tote bag in BLUE