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Lol that's why i am a 'night person' xD

"They Are destined to be FRIENDS": Uchiha Sasuke,Uzumaki Naruto

"They Are destined to be FRIENDS": Uchiha Sasuke,Uzumaki Naruto - I'm sniggering just a little because for once Naruto's orange is almost decent camouflage

Baby Kurama by Uzucake

I don't watch mech anime so here's a Baby Kurama from Naruto! (😍 so cute I wanna have him as a companion I live with.

You gave my ❤ an Electric Shock : Photo

Naruto from the Naruto Shippuden Anime

Are you allowed to be in love with fictional characters? I say yes...

i'am a big fan of Naruto this art is just great

Funny Naruto 13

Funny Naruto 13

Sasuke, le personnage qui a foutu la fin de la série en l'air ;) (sans oublié la mère de rikudo)

Anime/manga: Naruto (Shippuden) Character: Sasuke is so badass

Oh my god this made me cry this is the last picture that there going to take all…

Team 7 naruto,sasuke,sakura y kakashi

Hot damn!! I'd love to wake up to this

you got me stuck on a feeling, you got me hangin from the ceiling, got me up so high im barely breathing;

Minato- The 4th Hokage

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