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halit altuğ

halit altuğ
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Thank you everyone for the support over the months....feels like I'm all alone...but you guys helped me....I really owe you all a big favor...heh.....who would of thought the followers would go up so quickly....thanks guys.....I'm really proud of all of you....feel free to comment

Open rp im toy bonnie and springtrap/plushtrap) Plush:*crieng* why must we go!we wont be gone long Toy:.

She knows that feel by xNIR0x on DeviantArt

animatronic canine duo female five_nights_at_freddy's fox glowing glowing_eyes machine male mammal mangle_(fnaf) nightmare_foxy_(fnaf) robot video_games xnirox

Ms. Muffet

More undertales! This is the first fanart I drew while playing through the full game, ‘cause I got stuck on her but I loved her design and BGM so much. Oh also I’ll try not to post any super spoilery.