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Be Aware-It could save your life...

Zombie Apocalypse Tips from Tina Fey - Such an intelligent response as well!

Some guys thought that would be cool to map the zombies, and using a keyword search for “zombies”, they created The Zombie map of the world, that visualizes the concentrations of references with the Google Maps database.



zombie fingers tattoo


Too funny. {Wood-Burning iPhone Charger} Here’s another one for the zombie apocalypse survival kit. You can now cook a pack of Ramen and charge your iPhone at the same time. You’ll be able to eat some noodles while making a call on your wood-smoke-smelling phone from the backcountry (provided cell towers still have power). The BioLite CampStove converts heat generated from your stove into electricity to charge USB gadgets. I suspect it’s not the most efficient charger in the world, but it’s the only one that will still works off a campfire.


zombie infographic

zombie lawn gnome

Breaaad! Cute zombie sandwich.

zombie girl

Zombie gnome

Zombie Hunter

zombie decals


A zombie.

Every responsible adult should have something of the know, for when the zombies attack.

this adorable couple put zombies in their engagement photos (photoshoot for class?)

Who knew there were so many kinds of zombies to avoid?

zombie cake pops! Kinda looks like zombies invaded Sesame Street ;)

venn diagram: compare and contrast zombies, robots, and aliens

Well Are you? #Zombies