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“Home & Family” originates from a fully-functioning home on the Universal Studios backlot. Hosts Mark Steines @MarkSteines & Cristina Ferrare @CristinaCooks will use each room in the house to bring you tips on cooking, gardening, bargain-hunting and more. Click here for more: http://hallmarkchannel.com/homeandfamily
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SET YOUR DVRS FOR TUESDAY! Landscape designer, Shirley Bovshow shows you how to design a stylish front door planter that is ideal for your climate and architecture! Watch Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel USA at 10am pst.

I designed a miniature rose garden featuring repurposed glass bottles which I made into an arbor just in time for Valentines Day! Don't ask me where I get my wild ideas, I just get t…

Every rose color has a meaning behind it according to the old art of “Floriography,” or the “language of flowers.” The most common rose colors given on Valentine’s day…

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Calamari and Asian food lovers, I accept your thanks in advance for this Weight Watcher’s friendly,  2 point salad recipe! I could barely contain myself when I read the nutrition information …

Grow Mint Indoors: Spearmint and Peppermint Right Now!

I designed a multiple cell phone charging cabinet for my family to use after an unsuccessful search for this product! Have you ever had guests ask if there’s an available outlet so they can c…

Some of my best design ideas are the most simple ones. My "instant indoor hanging planter" is one of them and makes me want to slap my forehead and say "duh!" Why…

FROM STAY AT HOME MOM TO TV LANDSCAPE DESIGNER Landscape and edible garden designer, Shirley Bovshow teaching how to grow pumpkins on the Home & Family show on Hallmark channel. &nb…

SET YOUR DVR'S FOR FRIDAY! Landscape designer, Shirley Bovshow is back on the "Home & Family" show tomorrow for a very personal sit-down chat with Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare about her current weight loss plan. Tune in and watch and pick up a tip or two that may work for your weight loss goals!

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DIY SEED MATS for your square foot vegetable garden. Plan your vegetable garden in advance and prepare seed mats to plant in future! Saves time and energy. FoodieGardener.com


Dried, dehydrated fruit ornaments hang from a dining room chandelier. Learn how to make this Foodie Gardener craft designed by Shirley Bovshow and seen on the Home & Family show on the Hallmark channel! Great Christmas ornament and gift!

There is a tree commonly called the “Miracle Fruit Tree,”  (Sensipaylum dulcificum), that bears small, red berries that will blow your mind! Actually, it will “blow your taste bud…

If you would like a unique display for your Thanksgiving table, consider making my miniature birch arbor centerpiece, filled with foraged flowers, fruits and vegetables. The centerpiece i…

SET YOUR DVR'S FOR THURSDAY! "Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs in Fall!" Landscape Designer, Shirley Bovshow shows how to plant bulbs in the ground and in a container for a beautiful spring garden! Featuring gorgeous "Kiss 'N Tell" tulips, "Tahiti Daffodils," from WaysideGardens.com and the Power Planter auger that makes digging easy. Home & Family Show on Hallmark Channel at 10 am pst.

Common Plants Poisonous To Dogs That are Brought Indoors Over Winter: Pet Alert and solutions!

ET YOUR DVRS FOR FRIDAY! Shirley Bovshow shows you how to divide summer blooming plants including irises, cannaa, and daylilies and how to store tender bulbs through the winter!! Watch Shirley's garden and landscaping segments on the Home & Family show on the Hallmark channel @10am pst.

SET YOUR DVR'S FOR THURSDAY! Landscape and garden designer, Shirley Bovshow repurposes garden parasols as colorful covers for fall bird feeding stations! Watch SHirley's gardening segments on the Home & Family show on Hallmark Channel USA at 10am pst weekdays.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Working on my "Garden Umbrella Sculptures" for my Home & Family segment Thursday. Still designing and fine tuning an affordable and unique garden art installation to bring color to the garden when color starts to fade. It will be a multi purpose installation...wait and see! Home & Family on Hallmark Channel USA on Sept. 24, 2015

SET YOUR DVR'S FOR THURSDAY! "DIY Protective Rose Covers!" Shirley Bovshow shows you how to make protective rose covers for the upcoming cold season using repurposed materials. Watch the Home & Family show on the Hallmark channel at 10am pst.

Evocative scented candles made with coconut oil and paired with a unique poem for the perfect gift.

PREVIEW! "Succulent Picnic Food Covers" on Home & Family show, Friday, Sept. 4 on Hallmark channel. You won't believe they were made with wood crates and succulents planted in socks! Shirley Bovshow and Tanya Memme show you how.

SET YOUR DVR'S FOR TOMORROW! Learn how to make your own rosemary and bay leaves spice from your home-grown plants with Foodie Gardener, Shirley Bovshow. So easy. WIth Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare Featuring Monrovia Plants.