Halloween Gum Gifts

* Halloween Gift Ideas * Who doesn't like the occasional piece of gum? Check out our selection and collection of Halloween themed packaging, flavor and concepts on Halloween Gum! They make a great gift for yourself too!
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Halloween Gift Ideas, Absinthe Gumballs! This does really make a great gift for an adult on Halloween. If you know someone who appreciates the subtle qualities of beer, booze or wine then this is a great gift idea! Absinthe was a once outlawed spirit, but is now back on the store shelves! Makes a great Halloween Party Gift idea for your guests or the host!

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Halloween Addict: Retro Candy Memoir: Fleer Giant Pumpkin-Face Bubble Gum

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Halloween Gum Balls

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Halloween Time Gifts, Zombie Gum! Zombies are huge these days and if you know anyone who plays any of the dozen different zombie video games, loves Halloween or any of the countless zombie movies then this is the perfect little gift that says I really thought about it and is just spot on. Zombie Gum, a new Halloween Treat Tradition!

Halloween Gift Idea, Bleeding Eyeball Gumballs with Cherry Filling! Oh yes they did! Spot on. Know someone who loves Halloween? Going to their house for a party or to carve pumpkins or maybe just watch a Horror movie? Don't show up empty handed, and don't just get them something that every big box store has and they probably already bought themselves. That's right, bleeding eyeball gum to the rescue! I bet you never thought you'd read that...I never thought I'd write it either.

Halloween Candy Gifts, Pumpkin Spice Gumballs! If Halloween is one of your favorite times of year, then you'll appreciate candy gum and of course pumpkin anything! Take your love of October with you in this cool Jack O' Lantern tin full of an adult-esque Halloween Treat!

Halloween Seasonal Gift Ideas, Mummy Bandage Gum! This is a great way to repackage a product so it fits on several levels into a Holiday...Halloween Mummy Monsters! We know they are just marketing but dang it all, it's working on us. This makes a great Halloween Costume Accessory if you are going as a Mummy too!

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