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Every single time! im always the person that says " my friend needs to ask you something" lol

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Omg I thought I was the only one who couldn't write in a diary. Every book that has an entry for a diary makes me feel ashamed

OMG so true for me

Hello random bruise, where did you come from? I think your son is on my heart, and he's really killing me.

Hahahahahaha...that's me! but really tho, if someone trip over something in my room, i'll hear it. xD but if im gone...they'll prob jst leave my room cuz they'd be like "i ain't goin through all this junk. let's go to the neighbor's" xD

Teenager Posts this is a perfect explanation!<<< i said that to my mum and she just shook her head and walked away<< so gonna use this my mom hates my messy room!


I LOVE teenage posts because it makes me know I'm not the only one that does weird stuff like this ! In this case it would either by iPod or remote lol

Teenager Posts

Seems true so far . But who can tell what guys think ? I'm sure they do . They just don't spend as much time thinking about things as we do . Unless they really care about whatever it is

When it all became clear | 20 Moments That Blew Your Mind

funny caption My God I've been eating Tic Tacs Wrong for Years Right Way to get one tic tac at a time little crevice for one tic tac the right way to eat tic tacs

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