The Frank family: Otto, Anne, Edith and Margot. *guessing around 1940 - family went into hiding July 6 1942

Anne Frank, with her mother, Edith, circa 1932-33 ~

Margot Frank, with her mother, Edith, circa - What a kind and cheerful face her mother had.

Anne Frank House

anne frank's last diary entry ~ august 1944 Jehovah has promised that all in mankind's common grave (Hades) will be resurrected. We look forward to meeting Anne Frank in Paradise. And millions of Jews and others who died in the Holocaust.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”   ― Anne Frank

Anne Frank writing at her desk in her room in the Merwedeplein apartment, Amsterdam. Photo taken Oh the wisdom in her young diaries!

Anne Frank (right) with a friend

Anne Frank (right) with her friend Susanne "Sanne" Ledermann. Sanne was killed in Auschwitz-Birkenau in October

Margot and Anne Frank in the Spring of 1932.

Who: Toddler Anne Frank (right), older sis Margot Frank (center), and a childhood friend. Cooling off

Anne Frank

My mother's life with Anne Frank: Daniel Finkelstein's mother was persecuted like Anne, but is still here today

Anne Frank, second from right. This was taken in her old classroom in the Montessori school (now The Anne Frank School), she attended until 1941 when she was move to the Jewish Lyceum. The classroom Anne studied in for all those years is still in use and is still the same layout as the classroom Anne knew.

Anne Frank with her teacher and two fellow pupils at the Montessori School in Amsterdam. The caption says: "From left to right: Martha v.d Berg, Miss Godron, Anne and Rela Salomon.