When life punches you hard, that is not a failure. A real failure would not be getting back up and moving forward. When you have the courage to get back up in life, you will feel amazing about yourself, more so than you would if you were to never fail at all.

There are some people who make their mark in a big way, and Bruce Lee was one of them. Even though the actor, philosopher, and martial arts instructor only lived a short 33 years, he had many uplifting and insightful things to say. Many people believe that he was extremely mature for his age and way ahead of his time. Following is some of the Bruce Lee Philosophy that can change your life.

This article discussing perseverance quotes has the potential to totally inspire you or completely exhaust you. There are a lot of variations of the word 'p

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Until you are broken, you don't know what you're made of. Being broken gives you the ability to build If you haven't been broken you do not know how far you can fall, and then get back up.

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Tibetan Proverb Life is a wondrous thing, in that all of the best bits o f life can be enjoyed by young and old, rich and poor and people in every country on earth. Live simply. Live well. Be happy.

Life Quote: The only thing that makes life unfair.. My quote: "Life is unfair . . . for everyone . . . so life is fair!" Carol Neville

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Love life more then the meaning of it. Fyodor Dostoyevsky Great thought from a Great Great Man! ➤ PLEASE NOTE -----------------------------

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“Every flight begins with a fall.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones ➤ PLEASE NOTE ----------------------------- This listing is for an

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What some consider inappropriate, others consider sensual. Make no mistake, sensuality and vulgarity are not the same, and one must know the difference. ~ RMC

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