The Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

someone found my drawing I made about 15 years ago of my dream basement :( (The Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara Parksville/Vancouver Island. Would make a VERY nice basement!

Waterfalls of Gods, Iceland

The Goðafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. It is located in the Mývatn district of North-Central Iceland at the beginning of the Sprengisandur highland road.

Meteora, Thessaly, Greece.

Meteora, Thessaly, Greece My dream place. It's absolutely beautiful!

Aurora Northern Lights

Oh the beauty of the Northern Lights! Norway is a great place to see them. New Aurora Pictures: Sky Shows Sparked by Sun Eruption

nagana hotel, japan: tunnel of fireflies

Tunnel of Lights - Nagano Hotel, Japan. The world around you illuminated, hope no longer being just a sliver of light but rather shining with all its intensity. The opportunity arises, bask in it's light, excel with your brilliance.


cenote ik kil yucatan mexico- I've swam in one of these! on our honeymoon it was awesome! The water is super clear and cold great experience!


great sunset with upward spanning cloud shadows

San Giulio, Lago d'Orta, Italy.

San Giulio Island on Lake Orta in Piedmont, northwestern Italy. Look at that lamp post! I am practically in love with that lamp post!


Arch at Land's End Photographs - Cabo's Famous Stone Arch at Cabo San Lucas - Los Cabos - Baja California Sur, Mexico

Rocky Village, Vernazza, Italy

Rocky Village, Vernazza, Italy - Washed away by the storms in Oct. Cinque Terra was on my bucket list, but 2 cities are devastated!

More ideas
Again, not a tree house but I love this. My dream home!!

Gorgeous home with a lazy river pool.i just want the lazy river.

While I'm sometime reluctant to believe in all I read about astrology, I must say I've ALWAYS loved the water and it hasn't changed.

indoor/outdoor pool I have always loved water and the idea of a pool that runs through a home always intrigues me. Imagine swimming to the kitchen.

swimming pool balcony

Check out the new Mumbai Apartment complex The Aquaria Grande, with its Floating Balcony Pools. Designed by Hong Kong architect James Law, the plans for this incredible dream residence actually have swimming pools in the place of balconies.

You wouldn't even need a "dream house" to have this for your pool. But that is a pretty nice pool...

I had that wet dream about epic houses again (40 Photos) Mediterranean Swimming Pool with Built-in lounge area, who wouldn't want that?

These pools by Master Pools Builders will grab your attention. Imagine sitting in a dry sunken island-lounge area in the pool. See these and more amazing pool features. Article in Luxury Pools Magazine, Spring 2010


Lazy River in the backyard! I'd seriously rather have this than a pool xD or like a lazy river that flows around the yard with a hot tub/spa in the middle! Or a lazy river flowing into a pool

Broa Bora

Amazing Things in the World Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa.Amazing Things in the World Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa.

Cool house

Working the perfect open home space and backyard pool? The sun room by the waterfall into the pool; the strong roof porch for relaxing and outdoor dining. just amazing.

Balankanche Cave, Chitzen Itza

Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico - 101 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die! Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico - 101 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die! part 4

In-Home Lazy River, probably just for the summer house..looks good but @art property says it would be musty..

Lazy river inside the house? Yes please! melisari Lazy river inside the house? Yes please! Lazy river inside the house? Yes please!