Missional Feasting around the world

Collection by Nive Burris


This board will feature the food as we cook, pray and feast on the food of each country around the world.

Nive Burris
Chtit'ha Djedj Algerian chicken with chickpeas Algerian Food, Algerian Recipes, Lebanese Recipes, Stew Chicken Recipe, Chicken Recipes, Ramadan Recipes, Turkey Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Slow Cooker Soup

Chtit’ha Djedj(Algerian Chicken with chickpeas)

Algerian chicken with chickpea(Chti'tha djedj) | handfulofjoy.com

Chlada Fakya (Algerian Fruit Medley)|handfulofjoy.com Algerian Food, Algerian Recipes, Vegan Gluten Free, Vegan Vegetarian, Bite Size, Ethnic, Deserts, Banana, Apple

Algerian Fruit Medley (Chalda Fakya)

Chlada Fakya (Algerian Fruit Medley)|handfulofjoy.com

prayer for Afghanistan Psalm 96, Afghanistan, Prayer, Eid Prayer, Prayer Request

Qabili Pilau

Qabili Pilau - Afghanistan ! handfulofjoy.com

Salatat Khiyar(Algerian Cucumber Salad) Vegan Vegetarian, Paleo, English Cucumber, White Wine Vinegar, Cucumber Salad, Olive Green, Zucchini, Dishes, Vegetables

Salatat Khiyar(Algerian Cucumber Salad)

Salatat Khiyar(Algerian Cucumber Salad)

Couscous with vegetable stew Gluten Free Rice, Vegan Gluten Free, Vegan Vegetarian, Vegetable Stew, Summer Squash, Bite Size, Couscous, Zucchini, Spices

Couscous with vegetable stew

Algerian Couscous with vegetable stew|handfulofjoy.com