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For the Home

ruffled kitchen stool cover from Cottage at the Crossroads

5 Budget-Friendly Upgrades for a Killer Kitchen - All DIY projects that can be tackled in a few hours for little money

Take a couple of book shelves, and add some rods in between the two of them for an instant closet.

genius out-of-the-way gift wrap storage - must remember this!

Mirror frame using crown moulding--and NO mitered corners.

DIY Sliding Door, on the cheap and easy!

Tile that looks like wood. Tile sold at Lowe's. Style Selections 6-in x 24-in Serso Mahogany Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile Item #: 397694 | Model #: 1095207

the sink, mirror...color scheme! Ah I love it!

Popcorn Ceiling To Plank Ceiling | The Lettered Cottage. For a pack of six, 8' long planks, at Lowe's: Eleven dollars. Each pack of planks covers 14 square feet. I soooo wish I could talk my hubby into doing this.

canvas drop cloth curtains for winter (a la pottery barn) I have these for my beach bathroom shower curtain. and my bedroom curtains they work great for couch covers too

The brickwork on your home is the first line of defence against the weather entering your home. You really should help your brickwork by protecting it. In this DIY Building & Brickwork guide we provide easy to follow steps and an instructional video to help you.

Ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions)

I so need this!! 10 do-it-yourself projects to maximize kitchen storage. Wow. Love everything on here!

Great idea for a large back yard: Use your solar lights. They aren't just for the ground! Take a 2x4 and cut them into squares to fit the existing fence posts. Using galvanized screws - not nails - to screw a "L" bracket to the underneath base. Then on top, screw on the stake.

The Friendly Home: A better looking return air grille. What a good idea.

Coconut Oil Uses -- This stuff works like magic!!! I rub it all over after every shower and after I shave... One week later: Bye, bye cellulite, shrunk pores(on my face), mended my split ends, took the bags off my eyes, lengthened my eyelashes, and healed my lips(which tend to peel).--

Built-In Drawers between wall studs.

Add shelves below the practical. And love the flour/sugar bins!

25 uses for apple cider vinegar. To name a few: prevents flu and stomach illness, dissolves kidney stones, detoxifies the body of heavy metals and toxins, regulates pH balance in the body, helps relieve nausea, helps relieve heart burn or chronic acid reflux, helps relieve asthmatics, helps relieve allergies.

Did you know that a teaspoon of honey (local - raw is best) and a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon will usually knock out a cold within a day or two? Take twice a day for 3 days for best results. Both honey and cinnamon are antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Also knocks bladder/kidney infections, reduces sugar levels, blood pressure, acts as a pain reliever for arthritis. And much more! I need this!

master closet. shelves above, drawers below, hanging racks in middle.