Big Art

Art with movement. Creating art and combining it with gross motor skills. Our kind of art.

Big Art

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Marble painting

Brick by Brick: I'm Still Smiling

Painting with wheels! Big Art!

Painting with Wheels Gone Bigger | hands on : as we grow

Painting with an infant ball

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40 'Big Art' Projects for Kids! Paint outside with a ball, a mop, a plunger and many more ideas for BIG art.

40 'Big Art' Fun Art Projects for Kids - hands on : as we grow

Big Art Projects - Rolling Balls, Big Sponge Painting, Rolling Pin Art, shaken art etc.

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40 "BIG ART" examples. Big art is art with body involvement. Have you done big art?

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Painting with feet is a fantastic way to explore art, the sense of touch and gross motor development. Love this project from Homegrown Frien...

Painting with Feet

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Broom Painting Process Art - Homegrown Friends

Simple Art Prompt: Drawing on the Table | hands on : as we grow

Giant Abstract Art: Gross Motor Painting for Kids *water balloon painting in pool. adding this to my summer bucket list.

Water Balloon Painting: Outdoor Summer Art Activity

Squirt Gun Canvas Art - Fun Summer Activity for Kids #pmedia #pressnsealhacks #ad - final

Squirt Gun Canvas Art – Fun Summer Activity for Kids

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting - make some bubble wrap "boots" then dip in paint and stomp around to create art!

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

10+ Sensory Art Projects for Kids on FSPDT

10+ Sensory Art Projects for Kids - FSPDT

I am so excited to share our latest recycled activity for Project Create and Recycle! It’s that time of month again where several bloggers get together to

Recycled Art | Bubble Wrap Stomp Art - Lemon Lime Adventures

Painting in puddles...what a fun way to experience the arts in weather!

let the children play: playing in the rain

Tube Closeup Left Brain Craft Brain

Tube Painting Gross Motor Art Project - Left Brain Craft Brain

Drawing Under The Table from Craftulate

Drawing Under The Table - Craftulate

Action-Painted Umbrella Kids Art Activity - Inspired by Famous Artist Jackson Pollock and Perfect for Spring - at B-Inspired Mama

Action Painted Umbrella Kids Art Activity - B-Inspired Mama

great (mess free) painting experience for your babies and toddlers - Paint in sealed bottle

Time for Play: Shake, Shake, Shake It!
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    Melissa Lathen-Bennett

    Great for babies

Kidspert: Bouncy Ball Painting

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Active way to paint a box. Great outdoor activity for the summer.

Art Activity: Throw Ball Painting

Kids will LOVE you -Squirt gun painting is such an awesome summer art activitiy! - Fireflies and Mud Pies

Squirt Gun Painting - Fireflies and Mud Pies

Cool things to do with a BIG roll of paper :: NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

Cool things to do with a big roll of paper - NurtureStore

Rolling yarn in paint - neat!

Art Activities for kids : Rolling Pin Yarn Prints

Splat painting with pompoms and liquid watercolors - such fun! Great process art activity for kids.

Drop! Splat! Playful Preschool Art with Watercolors - Fun-A-Day!