Decorate those Easter Eggs

So many fun ways to decorate Easter eggs!

Decorate those Easter Eggs

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20 Amazing Egg Decorating Ideas: Spring Inspiration

20 Amazing Egg Decorating Ideas: Spring Inspiration

12 egg painting ideas for kids of all ages

Egg Painting Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Beautiful marbled eggs - these are easy to make! Watch the video to learn how!

Easy DIY Marbled Eggs - includes video tutorial

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs with Children

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

How to Decorate Easter Eggs — 30 Creative Ways to Play

How to Decorate Easter Eggs — 30 Creative Ways to Play

Make an Easy Painted Eggs Easter Craft with Dollar Store Supplies!

Easter craft for kids: Dollar Store Painted Eggs

Scratch Easter Eggs Craft for Kids - This is such a fun, creative way tot decorate Easter Eggs! Kids are going to love this spring craft.

Scratch Easter Eggs Decorating Idea
  • Judy Vackicev
    Judy Vackicev

    Very cool

easter egg bunnies craft

Easter Egg Bunnies - In The Playroom

Gorgeously easy ways to dye Easter eggs

Gorgeously easy ways to dye Easter eggs - NurtureStore

How to decorate eggs for Easter using scotch tape and food colouring

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas: Coloured Eggs with Scotch Magic Tape - In The Playroom

spotted Easter eggs liquid watercolors and q-tips

Spotted Easter Eggs

Henry's First Egg Decorating | hands on : as we grow

Henry's First Egg Decorating | hands on : as we grow

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 Minute Easter Eggs

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs - Lemon Lime Adventures

12 Less-Mess Easter Egg Ideas (for KIDS)

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  • Samantha Cooke
    Samantha Cooke

    Great mess-less ideas. Thanks. Here is one more. With The TickleMe Plant Easter Egg , You get a 6 inch Egg to paint (included) and you grow a TickleMe Plant in the Egg, which will close its leaves when tickled. We found it great for the artist and young gardener!

Hot Crayon Easter Eggs {parentingchaos}

Hot Crayon Easter Eggs

What a fun way to paint Easter eggs. You can use this as a preschool color mixing lesson too.

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Been doing this for years! But it's how I mark/separate boiled eggs from my other eggs in the fridge. We like boiled eggs for b-fast around here.

How To Paint Easter Eggs With a Sharpie - Totally The

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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marbleized painting Easter eggs

Marbleized Easter Eggs -

What a cool way to decorate Easter eggs and have fun with math at the same time.

Color By Number Easter Eggs - No Time For Flash Cards

Mess free egg decorating with markers

Creative Kids Challenge: Easter Eggs - Mess Free Egg Decorating With Kids #creativekidschallenge

60 Egg Activities for Kids: Egg Decorating, Crafts, Science Activities, and more |

60 Egg Activities for Kids - TinkerLab
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    Raven S

    Wow! That's so pretty.

DIY Easter Eggs: Tie Dyed Eggs from Fun at Home with Kids

DIY Easter Eggs: Tie Dyed Eggs

Follow this helpful chart to create the most vibrant eggs in the basket.

McCormick | Lookbook
  • Marilyn Henry
    Marilyn Henry

    good to know!

  • Linda Cox-Kuntze
    Linda Cox-Kuntze

    just food coloring and water? how much water?

  • Amber Mattingley
    Amber Mattingley

    it's a 1/2 cup boiling water plus a teaspoon of vinegar.

Create colorful EASTER EGGS using Melted Crayons. It's easy to do + KIDS will LOVE it. Read the tutorial now or Pin for Later!

Creating Colorful Easter Eggs with Melted Crayons - Jenna Burger